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Papote Impro : [in ENG] Peggy Pexy Green reçoit Joe Bill !

Nouvelle Papote Impro des artistes de notre compagnie. Peggy Pexy Green, Papote interview vidéo pour vous faire découvrir les artistes de La compagnie qui pétille. For this number 6, @Peggy Pexy Green, Artistic Director of la compagnie, is happy to welcome Joe Bill, currently at home in Chicago, our lovely international superstar, who is her duo partner in 'The impossible to live with'! During this talk, we get to know that Joe: O started improv in Indianapolis, at school, when he was 15-years old (and that was before Peggy was born OMG) O studied sound engineer and psychology before doing stand-up comedy (to avoid going to a therapist) O co-founded the Annoyance Theater in Chicago O loves playing duos because when you are 2, there is no place to hide... And we can enjoy a very quick cat-interruption from 'Bomba' passing by the chair.

Pour en savoir plus sur tous ces shows, lieux & people impro, voici les liens cadeaux, enjoy (et n'oublie pas de liker notre page merci oh oui) :

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- Link to a great list of Improv Festivals around the world, provided by Fena Ortalli via the Improv magazine Status 

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