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Vincent Van Nieuwenhuyze

Vincent has been playing improv for many years and is active in various groups, such as Compagnie AMAI, ImproBubble, The Lunatics, RIOT (Royal Improphonic Orchestra & Theatre) and PRISM.

Vincent Van Nieuwenhuyze

Vincent is a professional improv teacher, player and coach from Ghent, Belgium. By day he’s kicking ass in the corporate world. By night, and sometimes even in the daytime, he’s playing improv. He has performed in over 8 troupes for over 12 years and has been teaching improv in Belgium and on the international improv circuit for over 7 years.

Some key elements to what Vincent brings to the scene are intimacy, warmth, safety, vocals and a tons of energy to surf on. Within the field of improv, he loves refreshing the basics and keeping the fun in the fundamentals. Throughout the last couple of years, Vincent has taken a deep dive into the topic of intimacy on stage as well on the topic of gender in improv and on stage. And what he doesn’t want you to forget is, “you be you!”

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